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Since Dec 2020

** We are a Virtual Airline in which we are just a Hobby for those of us who like to fly in computer flight simulators.

The vAMSYS system provides you with a lot of useful information when you enter your booked flight, it gives you your departure time and your estimated arrival time, as well as your position at the airport along with the information of your programmed Altitude, Passengers, Flight time, etc. 

Something very important is that it also provides you with the METAR of the Origin and Destination Airport.

The vAMSYS system reflects each step you take within your simulator, for example if you have set pauses, at what speed you raise flaps and landing gear, as well as giving you cockpit audios according to as if it were in reality, for example the Audio of the Security Video, etc, we are working to bring you a greater number of audios for each aspect of your flight.

From the moment you make your reservation, it gives you the option of making your flight plan or having vAMSYS do it for you through Simbrief, just as you do not need in another application or page to have the visibility of your OFP, from the Acars it you can watch and follow.

It also gives you the option of seeing yourself on the map, the map reflects each of the flights made by different pilots, you can see their origin and destination and other information, it is very useful when we do Caravans or Green Tides .

You can configure your Acars Pegasus according to your preferences and tastes, colors, audios, etc.

At the end of your flight, it gives you all the information about your flight quite complete, from your start to the end of your flight, including your Landing Rate, flight time and also gives you the option to put your comments.

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