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Since Dec 2020

** We are a Virtual Airline in which we are just a Hobby for those of us who like to fly in computer flight simulators.


Our history

We are a group of enthusiastic virtual pilots where our main motto is:


"Flying has no limits, in the sky there are no limits to fly"


We are part of a great virtual family in which we reach the limits of illusion and maintain respect inside and outside of Viva Aerobús VA and achieving that each of the members is and will be a brother of the same hobby, without ceasing to have our feet on the ground very well planted so as not to lose the path that leads us to success. We start from December 1, 2020

Our mission


Our Vision is to be able to achieve that inner desire to let our spirit fly to high altitudes.

without losing the horizon and the direction of our trip, focusing our senses to the maximum to leave

forward in adverse situations and be convinced without a doubt that the best decision has been made

to arrive safely at our destination both virtual and in real life.

Our objetive


Our Goal is to form a group of virtual pilots with a high degree of professionalism and

knowledge to perfection of the wide world of virtual aviation in which you can reach as high as they are

our wishes, and as far as our passion, and that by bringing our airline to each and every one of

the places we visit virtually let the name of Viva Aerobús VA very high

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