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Since Dec 2020

** We are a Virtual Airline in which we are just a Hobby for those of us who like to fly in computer flight simulators.

Rules of Procedure


At Viva Aerobús VA our primary interest is to create a cordial atmosphere among all captains and bring virtual aviation as close as possible to reality and in order to coexist in a respectful and professional way among fellow pilots. And in order to achieve our objective we need to understand that a system with limits, rights and obligations is necessary, and for which this regulation enters into force.




1 .. All pilots will be able to choose the schedule and route they wish to fly, as long as a particular flight does not meet the following exceptions:

a.- Be a flight assigned by a Hub boss or Staff member.

b.- Because the schedule coincides with a planned event of the company.

c.- That the pilot does not have the first 15 hours inside Viva Aerobús VA.

2 .. No pilot can be excluded from participating in the activities of the Viva Aerobús VA, as well as the different means that it has for them, be it the TeamSpeak channel, chat, technical support, forum, etc.

3 .. Pilots may request that a route be added that they wish to do, if it is not found in the VAMSYS system as long as they commit to taking the route not just once.

4. The Viva Aerobús VA Training Center will hold weekly talks at a specified time via email for all members with important topics so that our aeronautical operations are as professional and correct as possible and attached to real aviation.

5 .. All pilots may request advice on any questions they have regarding the VAMSYS system to the system used, the Viva Aerobús VA system as well as in the way of interpreting the navigation or approach charts or doubts regarding the type of aircraft they operate, also request where they can acquire the necessary navigation charts

6. All pilots may request a personal account within the page where they will have access to exclusive areas of Viva Aerobús VA.

7 .. Pilots duly registered and who have an active personal account, may use the exclusive fleet of Viva Aerobús VA, making it clear that this fleet is owned by Viva Aerobús VA and must be used only by pilots of the same. .




1 .. Always maintain a cordial and respectful treatment towards the other members of the company and the other participants of the IVAO virtual network.

2 .. Participate at least 2 times a month in the events of Viva Aerobús VA, to be held on the IVAO and / or VATSIM network.

3 .. Provide correct and real information (email) to be in contact and send you all the information about the company.

4. Do not make flights with other callsign that do not belong to Viva Aerobús VA or airlines associated with Viva Aerobús VA

5. Regularly review the Viva Aerobús VA forum or the section in charge of delivering the news, news and activities of the Company.

6 .. If you do not participate in the activities of Viva Aerobús VA or if there is a period of more than 30 days without activity within it, you must previously notify the company's Membership manager, by email or with any of the members of the Staff.

7. No pilot may fly over the arrival point of his destination for more than 20 min.

8. All pilots must have departure, route and approach charts for optimal performance of their aeronautical operations.

9. All pilots on their flights must carry out the departures, the en-route flight and the approaches attached to the navigation charts.

10.All keys, as well as files and data are confidential for each of the pilots and they must be responsible for that information so that it is not misused outside the group.

11 ..They must respect and not enter TeamSpeak channels that are not exclusive to

our airline. The Training server is for the exclusive use of IVAO staff and is

use of this server for our flights is prohibited

12 .. In online flights it is allowed to be absent from the cabin within a period of no more than 15 minutes, this in case of emergency or need, previously informing the controller or leaving a notice in the flight plan for information on the IVAO network explaining the reason. .

13 ..All flights longer than 6 hours must be made Online either by VATSIM or IVAO

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