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Since Dec 2020

** We are a Virtual Airline in which we are just a Hobby for those of us who like to fly in computer flight simulators.



On behalf of the entire STAFF team, you are warmly welcomed to Viva Aerobús Virtual.

For us, it is always a pleasure to meet new people with whom to share our experience and love for virtual aerial simulation.

For  automatically enter our roster of pilots you need to meet the following requirements:

         1.- Have a valid account in the IVAO and VATSIM networks.

         2.- Be over 16 years old.

         3.- Have 100 flight hours in one or both networks, or have the rank of Private Pilot in the network of IVAO.        

         4.- Fill in the registration form with true data.

Once you have obtained your income, you will be sent the instructions to familiarize yourself with our operations system, flight registration system (vAMSYS), communication system and you will be assigned a pilot number. You will have to have registered in the vAMSYS application and downloaded the Pegasus application in order to start flying. Once registered, you will have 15 days to register your first flight.

If you are still interested in being part of our group of pilots but you do not have the hours or the rank, request an assessment test from our Chief of Pilots and Training and he will gladly apply it to you and depending on your qualification he will tell you the step to continue.

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